Tapeworms in dogs

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What are tapeworms in dogs?

tapeworm in dogs
‘I have seen something long, white in my dog’s poop and it was moving!’ This common phrase can hear any veterinarian from dog owners all over the United States. Tapeworm infestation is a common problem in dogs. Among all kinds of worms tapeworm disease can be easily identified, as the segments of the tapeworms can be seen in dog’s stool. A typical dog’s tapeworm can be several feet long, if not more. It consists of segments. Each segment of a tapeworm in dog has the ability to reproduce itself, while the tapeworm’s head still attached to the dog’s intestinal lining, where it produces new segments.

How did my dog get tapeworms?

Infected eggs are usually spread into the environment. Fleas adore eating tapeworm eggs. The common situation is when your dog tries to get this infected flea and swallows it unintentionally. After being swallowed, the larva matures into an adult tapeworm, attaching itself to the dog’s intestines where it will continue to grow and thrive.

What are the tapeworm symptoms in dog?

If you see your dog drags its anus on the ground like it is on fire it could be a tapeworm infestation. Symptoms of tapeworms in dogs are not specific yet it would not be hard to put two and two together when you know them:
tapeworm symptoms in dogs
• Diarrhea
• Irritability
• Licking at the anal and perianal area
• Skin is dry and flacky
• Hair coat is dull, dry, and unkempt
• Excessive weight loss (despite maintaining a good appetite)
• Increased appetite (without weight gain)

Tapeworms in dogs – treatment

Tapeworm treatment for dogs is not difficult and rather effective. Anyway, how to get rid of tapeworms in dogs? Your dog’s vet prescribes tablets or injection that will stop infection. Modern drugs do not cause vomiting, diarrhea or other adverse side effects.
Tapeworms are killed by taking de-worming pills. Several treatments are needed because the pills only anesthetize the adult worms to be passed via feces, eggs remain in the dogs body.
The medications on the market for killing таре worms are as following:
Drontal Plus
Sentinel: (Fleas)
Flea control is the key point in the management and prevention of tapeworm infestation of dogs. Flea control entails treatment of a dog and cleaning the environment. If your pet lives in a flea-infested area, re-infection with tapeworms’ infection may occur in a fortnight.
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