Arthritis in dogs

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Diagnosis and treatment of arthritis in dogs

arthritis in dogsThese days, arthritis in dogs is frequently occurred disease. Previously it was thought that only older animals have the disease of the joints, but it is not true. Joints do not chose, a young puppy or aged pet, joints just ache. The main thing to look for arthritis cause and affect. Agree, it’s silly to treat joint, when there is just a cut on the paw pad. But one thing is joint and pad, here is difficult to mix, and another thing, when the dog is limping. In this case, to find the causes of lameness, as at one legged Flint, is not easy. Dogs arthritis is also associated with hip dysplasia and sprains.

Dogs with arthritis – how do they get it?

Arthritis – infectious nature inflammatory disease. Occurs when an insidious parasites, which cause purulent infection, such as streptococci, staphylococci, and various sticks, get into dog’s joint.
Arthritis in dogs begins with ignition of the inner layer of the capsule, the same bag, resulting in the joint cavity filled with pus, and gradually this process involves all the elements of the joint.

The symptoms of arthritis in dogs – what are they?

*   Usually the joint is enlarged, resembles a ball with smooth edges can be seen bulging, soft to the touch, due to accumulated fluid in the cavity.
*   Dog saves sore foot, limping.
*   If the process of dog arthritis treatment is neglected, pressing it you will hear a crunch, the overall temperature rises, games and food are not in pleasure.

Arthritis is sometimes associated with old age. Large dogs suffer them more frequently than small, and obese pet, whose joints have to support excess weight, dog arthritis symptoms become worse.

Dogs and arthritis: what are the common types

dog arthritis treatmentBy the nature of the disease there are aseptic, infectious and infectious-allergic arthritis for dogs.
Arthritis in dogs can be of sharp and chronic kind. The sharp arthritis disease is characterized by pain in the affected joint, thats why you have to turn to vet as soon as possible. Without timely treatment this disease is dangerous, as it may become chronic.

Also, there may be various arthritis causes, resulting from infection, toxins or trauma and metabolic disorders. In the formation of fibrous tissue, the joint movement is difficult and restricted.

Recommended several methods of treatment for arthritis in dogs:

canine arthritis symptoms
Exercise and proper diet as one of arthritis relief for dogs. Exercise strengthens muscle tissue around the arthritic joint, and relieve their stress, helping the joints to be flexible and painless. Thus, the inclusion in food of various arthritis supplements for dogs, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate help to recover damaged cartilage and refine joint lubrication, reducing pain and immobility.
While conducting arthritis treatment in dogs, it is necessary to include in the dog’s food various fruits, apples, plums, currants.

Diet. Consequences of degenerative arthritis are generally worse if previously active dog becomes less energetic. Dog with excess weight should always follow appropriate diet. To come to the normal weight, you may not use numerous arthritis meds for dogs, there are special food supplements rich in vitamins, that are specifically designed for such cases.

If arthritis in dogs is traumatic – surgery on ligaments is necessary here. For the treatment of arthritis in dogs may be used some safe surgical methods. Joint cavity is opened and washed with antiseptic solutions or antibiotics. The surgery therapy is provided by antibiotics, sulfonamides, and painkillers.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) one of widely used arthritis meds for dogs.

Acupuncture can also give good results. It is one of really effective methods for canine arthritis symptoms. You must put pressure on the point of BL60, which is located on the outer side of the joint. When you notice pain at your dog, it is necessary to press on this point for approximately one minute, one or two times a day.

Treatment of dogs with herbs is also effective and proved by many pet owners. Just consult with your veterinarian to make it sure.

How to treat arthritis in dogs with medications?

10 years ago there were not effective and safe medicines from the disease. Today, a new generation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) makes the life of dogs with arthritis, joint problems and pain after surgery better and easier.
But, you should be aware of possible side effects, which may cause such drugs. Therefore it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and take the medicine strictly on it. Some side effects can lead to permanent consequences and even death of your pet.

Prevention of arthritis in dogs

Of course it is easier and better to prevent arthritis in dogs rather then treat it surgically or medically. The whole program can be developed with your veterinarian, who will include diet, exercise, and even supplements. Which will help to strengthen muscle, prevent arthritis from worsening. In order to prevent pain during sleep and give your dog a peaceful sleep it is advisable to use orthopedic dog bed.

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